Okay, so I have not been very diligent about updating the website, and I do apologize. Think I might have overdone it the first time around; I will try to do better! Hope all of you are well and still enjoying the great memories from our 50th. If you are going to Arizona, have a great time and please send pictures or put them on the website yourself!

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1)   How many class reunions have you attended? Which was your favorite?

2)   What surprised you most about the 50th reunion?

3)   Did the reality of the reunion differ from your expectations? How?

4)   Has your life turned out pretty much the way you expected? Explain

5)   Do you think your high school experience was better or worse than your childen's? Grandchilden's? In what way?

6)   Anything you have always wanted to do that you haven't done?

7)   Who is the most famous person you have seen up close or met?

8)   What was your favorite TV show 'back in the day?' Now?

9)   What was/were your favorite moment(s) at the 50th reunion?

10)   If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

11)   Do you want to have another big reunion, or would you rather have small gatherings like the one in Arizona next month?